The Faithful Nomad

A nomad's journey to see how purpose is not based on location.

I’m Going…Home?

In a few weeks, I will be on American soil. Back in the hot, bright sun of Atlanta, GA. The land of Coca-cola, Chick-fil-a, red clay, and y'all. Technically, I will be moving home. But from living this nomadic life... Continue Reading →

Traveling This Summer? Check out my post on The Tiny Twig!

Summer is almost here! It was with great delight that I put away my snow boots just a few weeks ago. The warm weather has been long in coming to Istanbul, but I am hoping it is here to stay.... Continue Reading →


A very wise woman told me something the other day. I was expressing to her that I felt tired. And that I didn't understand it. Yes, I teach middle school and do a range of other activities each week. Yes,... Continue Reading →

What’s It Like? [Stories from Expats]

This week, I traveled to Germany and Holland to visit friends and see what life is like in their cities and villages. As I chatted with other nomads at the hostel and caught trains almost every day, I was reminded... Continue Reading →

Help Kaelin’s 10K Race Go Farther!

On April 30th, I will be running in a 10 kilometer race. But, I want my race to go farther than that. Click here to join with me. And it won't cost you a drop of sweat! As I write, cities... Continue Reading →

Summer is Coming! {Reader Poll}

The Faithful Nomad’s Favorite Coffee Shops

Coffee and tea are more than hot drinks. They are community-builders. Ever since I moved away from home, I have realized the importance that coffee shops (or cafes, as the Dutch prefer) play in my life. They are the places... Continue Reading →


On March 5th, I will reach 25 years. 25 years wandering this earth, figuring out who I am and what my purpose is. 25 years of making friends, losing some, and keeping others. 25 years of having unexpected things happen.... Continue Reading →

Bath Bombs: My Favorite Science Experiment

Many of you know that I am currently a middle school science teacher. The freedom I get in this job to do the kinds of activities and experiments that I want is a-maz-ing. I choose the activities that have a... Continue Reading →

A Nomad’s Guide to Minimalist Mornings

Most mornings, my day starts bright and early at 6:00am. Sometimes, the sun is coming up. Sometimes it is still pitch-black dark. Snow may be falling lightly through the air. The ezan is usually playing from a nearby mosque. The... Continue Reading →

Mondays Can be More.

We've all heard of it. And felt it.  "Monday blues." When did it become normal to expect this day of the week to be dark and crabby and horrid? Why do we feel as though going back to work and... Continue Reading →

We Welcome Them With Love

You've heard of the refugee crisis. It may seem very far away. It may be something that you notice every day, as you see new people join your community. Watch this video to see what being a refugee might be... Continue Reading →

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