The Faithful Nomad

A nomad's journey to see how purpose is not based on location.

2017 was weird, y’all.

2017 has come to a close. Almost no one I know or follow has said that it was a "good" year for them. My pastor at Lampcity Church hit it on the nail in my opinion. 2017 was weird. When... Continue Reading →


Tips and Tricks for Driving UberEats

October was a doozy. I quit my job during the first week, releasing me from a ton of stress that was eating away at my life. At the same time, it threw me back into the world of job-searching. All... Continue Reading →

Need to hear some good news?

Wars. Famines. Bombs. Politicians making stomach-turning blunders. The news these days is enough to make you feel sick in your guts. It's important to know what is going on, and it is vital to be a part of bringing help... Continue Reading →

Every adventure needs a {Swift} party!

It's all over your news feed. "Look What You Made Me Do" (aka #LWYMMD) and "...Ready For It?" have sent us back to Taylor Swift-crushing, 2017 edition. And we are loving it. I mean, the girl is spunky, full of... Continue Reading →

A vitamin to keep me sane.

I'm a bit skeptical of vitamins. Like, all vitamins. I read this article from BBC about a year ago, and I was stunned by the amount of research showing that for non-malnourished adults, the use of vitamins actually increased their... Continue Reading →

Let them stay wild.

When I was a kid, I would wake up on fall mornings and open my window, sticking my nose to the window screen. Taking a deep breath, a smile would creep over my face. Indian summer. There was a crisp... Continue Reading →

Shoes for the journey.

Last month, I had a predicament. My shoes had a hole in the toe, and I was looking at the prospect of interviews and business meetings in my future. What shoes was I to wear? The problem was compounded by... Continue Reading →

Letting Go.

  It's hard to be a quitter. No one likes it. My mom has joked that I'm such a commitment-freak that if I had promised to marry a rock when I was a kid, I would totally go through with... Continue Reading →

You need more vegan boa constrictor in your life…

Want a good 'ol ROFL? My sister recently shared with me the Dustinteractive comic - Ethan the Vegan Boa Constrictor.  It is so. on. point. Makes me laugh hard every time. Here are a few: Intro to Ethan Ethan wants some... Continue Reading →

Home needs to be safe.

I remember one of my first scientific explorations. My dad had constructed a little bug box for me, made out of wood and some dark netting. It even had a little swinging front door. I would fill it with some... Continue Reading →

Re-adjusting to the American Life

This nomad has been back on American soil for almost 2 months now! Don't worry, I've already found the opportunity to jet off to another country within that time (Ooooooh Canada!) but it has definitely been an adjustment to be... Continue Reading →

I’m Going…Home?

In a few weeks, I will be on American soil. Back in the hot, bright sun of Atlanta, GA. The land of Coca-cola, Chick-fil-a, red clay, and y'all. Technically, I will be moving home. But from living this nomadic life... Continue Reading →

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